Simplicity D0634 R5 View B Size 14

I recently made this skirt using rayon crepe fabric from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. the fabric has a border print which was a bit tricky to match. I actually cut the front skirt panels upside down and didn’t know it until I went to sew them on. The final product was worth the trouble because the border print wraps around and really frames the skirt.

The waist band was a bit tricky to sew(it has a total of 8 peices), but mostly because my pattern directions was misprinted in both English and Spanish. So I had to go off the pictures.

I enjoy the look of this skirt more than sewing it. Its very pretty and  because of that I will most likely make another version. There is an option to include built in shorts instead of a skirt, so the next version I will make will be a long outer skirt and shorts on the inside. I plan on using the same fabric as before, but I different print.

If you are not confident in your sewing abilities I suggest really ready all the directions first and using fabric that doesn’t have much of a print. That way you know what you need to do and you won;t have to worry about the fickle details of fabric matching when sewing. Practise makes perfect though and every challenge is an opportunity to grow- So I suggest if you like it- Sew it! More importantly enjoy the process. if you have any questions about it- go ahead and contact me and I can try to help!




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