Shear Madness

Oh man, life sure has a way of just catching up with us eh?

Raise your hand if you need a glass of wine, right now!  I’m totally with you buddy!

In my day to day life I can become overwhelmingly busy with the many projects I take on. And I find myself taking on way too many of those lately.

As you know, I am a stay at home mom. My kid is an adorable, intelligent and very demanding almost “threenager.” Just today we got into a tiff over the fact that I made her exactly what she wanted for breakfast. And then she threw a tantrum because I wanted to take her to the park. She is not like this every day though. I am very blessed because usually she is very easy going.

But on the days when the moon is just right and the stars align… Chaos!

My daughter is creative and very energetic. Every day is a new day with her and I try desperately to keep her on a decent schedule. And I only have ONE child- Thank the mighty Lord! I give mad props to those ladies that have more than one and manage to maintain their sanity. I’m not sure how y’all do it ladies and I’m not really willing to find out. I am a mom of one and done. *Whispers under breath* “Soooooo beyond done.”

I take care of my daughter and the house and find myself always preoccupied with something because of it. In my “spare” time I tackle my nutrition and fitness, sewing, writing, school and adventure. I also try very hard, but never successfully, at maintaining my relationships.

You could say I have a full plate.

My fitness and nutrition has taken the front seat a lot this year. I have been working very hard at losing weight/inches and increasing my lifting weight tonnage. For this I need to eat about six times a day at least, lift the barbell three times a week and then do some sort of simple cardio the rest of the week. This regimen with a full time job would have floored me. Luckily I stay home, so I can get this done easily in my home garage gym. In between sets I tend to write. I can sit here in peace and either do my homework or write. Face it to say, my body is always in recovery and I am typically tired or sore. But I’m getting those gainzzz baby, can’t complain too much about it. I am ten pounds away from my one year goal. And 30 pounds away from my lifetime goal. (I cannot wait to get into the maintaining phase of this plan.)

School is school. It has its ups and downs. I received my A.S. in IT and I can’t seem to remember anything I learned. I am now working on my B.S. in Operations and Project Management. And once that is done I will go on to an MBA program. I have been working hard at school for a long time and some days its feels like I have written the same paper for three different classes. There have been many late nights and last minute papers in my past and I doubt it will ever change. I procrastinate like a mad lad.

When I can manage, I sew. I tend to stay up late to get an hour in every night. Either I’m sewing a new pattern or I am trying new techniques. I try to push myself to learn new techniques as much as possible.

So, back to the topic at hand. Priorities. As you can tell, I have many of them. Unfortunately, some take a back seat to others at times. My way of managing these things is to write it all out. I have a white board loaded with things that need to be done on a daily basis. From chores to paying bills to nap time schedules. It is FULL. I also have a notepad on my phone that has my memo’s. Full of reminders to myself of things I want to do, research, sew, etc. There is something about being able to check things off a list that make me feel accomplished, even if all I do is add more to the list in the end. It really never stops does it?

September happens to be the busiest time in my entire year. We travel, have visitors and get a jump on the holidays. And I’m sure when my daughter starts school – it will be even more hectic. Especially in regards to my sewing schedule.

I like to make my daughters entire vacation wardrobe from scratch. She gets new swim suits, dresses and outfits. Obviously this requires serious planning, lists, and lots of patience. This year I have the added stress of a short trip down to San Diego. So I have been spending my sewing time, these last few weeks, making a dress for the occasion. I was hoping that it would be a quick project and I could get it out of the way first, but it’s actually turning into one of those “masterpieces” projects that take time, planning, patience, confidence and a lot of YouTube videos.

So here I am in my garage, just having finished my workout. I am about to go into the house and make dinner. (Salmon with leeks, lemon and dill. Kale with shallots and bacon. And Trader Joe’s brand frozen risotto. If you need a macro count for that, let me know, I got you.)

Thankfully, I was able to take the coming school term off to be able to focus on everything else.

  • I am almost finished with my dress- I just need to add the zipper. And complete a blind hem (which I have NEVER done before.)
  • My white board has three more projects listed on it that need to be done before our special visitor from Oz arrives in a couple of weeks.
  • I have about five subjects on the list I would like to write for the blog. Sewing machines, Patterns and Fabric. Along with two sew-a-longs. One will be intensive and the other an overview. I have no clue if this will actually happen any time soon.
  • I have ten items I need to sew for my daughter and that will be done.

Once these things are done I will relax and be stress free.

Just in time for Halloween!

Tell me what y’all do to keep your life in order in the comments. I want tips and tricks on how you maintain your sanity!


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