My Sewing “Room”

My sewing room
My small sewing center

This is my sewing “room.”  Its a small section of our living room that no one is really allowed to go near.

I had less than this a few months ago, but I got really tired of the constant clutter of our living room and decided to reorganize. I moved furniture around, threw out/ donated a lot of things and we even sold our books. I think the whole process took less than a week. I don’t know how it happened so fast… it was a blur.

I was lucky enough that all parties agreed to my grand ideas of MORE SPACE. And they even put up shelves for me so that I could carve out a section of wall space for my desk. Now everything now has its place. (Guys the fabric is in the garage. That will be a whole other blog post because my hoard is MASSIVE!)

Its not much but it is a little bit of heaven to call my own. Sometimes that’s all we need in our homes, isn’t it? Just a tiny bit of space that is OURS.

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